Lyn Adelstein

Lyn has been entrepreneurial since she ran the neighborhood lemonade stand at age 7. Today, she helps fellow business owners and professionals navigate the ins and outs of the online and offline marketing maze. She takes the pressure off business owners and professionals by handling the whole process for them.

Lyn has worked with businesses ranging from beauty salons to high tech software companies, getting web sites up, creating marketing materials, videos, running customer retention campaigns, even working with staff members to keep everyone on track and moving forward. She is usually a welcomed friend—especially when she brings her world famous cheesecake.

As a publishing and marketing consultant, Lyn shows her clients how to turn their expertise and concepts into compelling, completed products—books, audio recordings, information products or actual physical products. She teaches people how to promote their businesses or books, how to establish their credibility, and how to sell more products and services.

Lyn lives in sunny southern California with her 2 dogs and 2 cats (who actually do sleep together—occasionally).